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Supplements and Estimate Review

Ad Posted:Friday, November 3, 2017
Ad Expires:Tuesday, January 2, 2018
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 Posted by:brentemerson
 User Location:Charlotte
 Ad Information:
Ad Information:  
 Company Name:Restoration Contractors of America, Inc
 Contact Name:Mr. King
 Address:10130 Perimeter Parkway Suite 200
 BBB Accredited:Yes
 Ad Description:

Looking for Adjuster ALLSTARS!

Restoration Contractors of America, Inc. is looking for an experienced adjuster that is fluent in Xactimate and the insurance process. We are looking for a shark and a smart one at that. We are lookingr to facilitate payments for services and increase the bottom line. RCA currently builds and processes around 100- 200 approved claims a month. 95% of those claims are roof claims from wind and hail, along with interior damage. Additionally, RCA is IICRC certified and does water remediation and fire restoration.

We are looking for someone that can work in the Charlotte, NC office that will review each estimate as it comes in. The review will consist of verifying RCV, and whether or not the job is buildable and profitable. The submitting of applicable supplements for code upgrades, correct shingle square pricing and secondary estimates is the essence of the position. The goal is to increase the estimates closer to Fair Market Value, so the profit margin is acceptable. For instance, most roof claims have some sort of interior damage and the amount of money that is allocated to the claim by Xactimate is simply not even close to enough. Most interior jobs that are under $2500 the company is barely breaking even and does not get o an p 100% of the time.

We need someone that can assist in the acquiring and submission of applicable estimates from companies in order to raise the necessary amount of money. These jobs should be profitable and at the moment incur a loss.

We need adjuster acumen, we need code knowledge, we need intelligence, and we need the navigation of the insurance process.

The right individual can supplement and work remotely for jobs in each state.


$1500 per month plus 10% on all monies over initial estimate. Currently at 100 estimates a month, average job is $7500, which is $750,000 per month. If you can increase the estimates by 15% that is $112,500 a month. 10% of that is $11,250 each month.

$135,000 per year at 100 estimates per month. Half of the year we are at 200 estimates. That is basically $200k per year, from your home office. Any support staff will be your responsibly.

The $1500 is paid each month until you reach the $8000 per month payout. Then strictly override.

Paid system training and and will start asap.


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