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Xactimate Classroom Training; Online Virtual & Self-Paced Training also available

Ad Posted:Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Ad Expires:Wednesday, April 5, 2023
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LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES and Online Self-Paced Training is readily available

Take advantage & register now as our virtual classes will be limited to 6 students per class to provide personalized attention like no other class. If you are unsure about virtual classes for you, watch the video @ and see how it works. It is as close to personal training as you will get.

The virtual live class is the perfect solution to this coronavirus pandemic as you will have no other contact with others and you can continue you education and training. For those travelling, it will save them the expense of a hotel room and even traffic.

For those that can not take time to attend a live class, the Self-Paced Training is perfect. The level 1 & level 2 classes have been split into numerous videos to allow short sessions so that any amount of free time can be used. The videos are numerically ordered to follow the live classroom agenda. The videos were created with the same information as provided in the classroom and are timed so that students have time to follow along (although the videos can be paused, re-winded and replayed as many times as needed). Shortcuts are shown along the way to begin developing speed. Keyword searches are emphasized so that even those without construction backgrounds will be able to find estimate items.

The videos are in order and range from approximately 5-30 minutes to accommodate any schedule. The videos were purposely made shorter for easy reference when a refresher is needed or searching a particular item. A one year membership to Crest LLC is included for the course you registered for and the videos will be available for that year. Courses currently available:
-Fundamentals & Proficiency (level 1 & 2)
-Mastery (Level 3)
-Interiors Only
-Roof Only
-Sketch Only
-Desk Adjuster
-Xactimate Mobile
Xactimate en español (solo nivel 1)

Self-Paced Training Testimonial:
I am a new adjuster and the only thing I knew about Xactimate was its name. I knew that getting the xactimate certification would help me in getting deployed, so I searched for training that would help me. I came across the Crest LLC website. The testimonies were impressive, but I wanted to be sure, before footing over my cash, that was in short supply. I called and Al picked up and blew me away. After our conversation, I was so excited about Xactimate and the training.

Long story short, I took both trainings (1& 2) on a Monday and was finished by Friday morning. Saturday, I sketched my interior and roof for the certification exam. Monday I took the exam and passed. I am level 2 certified. Yes, that is how great the training is. I could go on and on about how great he is and his training. But go ahead and find out for yourself. You will not be disappointed. His training will be one of the best investments you make for yourself and your career.

Renee L (Adjuster)

WHY LEARN FROM A CERTIFIED TRAINER - If you are getting training from anyone that has not become an Xactimate Certified Trainer, you will not be receiving the instruction Xactimate has tested and shown to have a higher retention rate. Learn the program the way it was intended to be used & how to use it most efficiently. Get the best training possible to maximize your potential and get trained by someone that has Xactimate's backing and support. Use a Certified trainer. To verify Certified trainer credentials, go to the trainer directory @

********** Class Schedule************ Register @


Classroom Training:
Tampa, FL Mar. 1-3 (Feb 15 deadline to register)
Nashville, TN Mar. 20-22 (Mar.6 deadline to register)
Plantation, FL May 15-17 (May 1 deadline to register)

Virtual Classes: Feb. 21-23 (Feb. 15 deadline to register)
Mar. 8 - 10 (Mar. 2 deadline to register)
Apr. 5 - 7 (Mar. 30 deadline to register)
May. 3 - 5 (Apr. 27 deadline to register)
May. 31 - June 2 (Maty. 25 deadline to register)

Self-Paced Training: Any Time you want!


The Xactimate X1 Training Course is designed for new to intermediate Xactimate users. Students in this course will be introduced to the techniques and best practices needed to create small to medium loss estimates using a variety of Xactimate tools. Students will be taught the most efficient ways to set-up, sketch, scope, and deliver professional estimates.

The Fundamentals & Proficiency Class will take you from the very beginning and most basic aspects of Xactimate through the completion of an estimate. This training allows students to see how to perform functions one step at a time & follow along one step at a time. Shortcuts are shown & emphasized along the way to begin developing speed. Keyword searches are also emphasized so that even those without construction backgrounds will be able to find estimate items.

This course is a 3 day, instructor-led, interactive training. Presentation, discussion, and exercises are directed by an Certified Xactware instructor. Students complete a variety of practice estimates and hands-on Xactimate exercises. The instructor incorporates the teaching methodology of demonstrate, participate, and practice. After receiving demonstration of Xactimate concepts by the instructor, students participate in discussion then practice the concepts within Xactimate. During the course progression, exercises build on previously taught concepts to provide reinforcement.

This virtual training allows students to see how to perform functions one step at a time & follow along one step at a time. .

Go to our website @ for class schedules.

You can also check us out on Facebook @

The value of personalized instruction cannot be overemphasized as you will experience what is necessary and get a feel for how ready you are. Your questions will be answered and weakness’ addressed. Exercises & practice certification exams for additional home study are provided to continue your education after class. Classes are kept small (6) to allow personal attention to those needed, so register quick. You will receive personalized instruction in our live virtual class!


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